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What is Love ?? Question remain Question Mark (??)

When Last November ( November 2011) , I was going to Goa..on the journey,
Suddenly I started asking these questions ::
What is Love ??
Do we truly Love anyone ??
How many of us, could truly love anyone ??
Whom can we love the most…etc.. etc.. ???
And you the answers were like ::
When we enter in our ( girl / boy ) teenage…due to our hormones secretions….naturally we are attracted towards our opposite sex (not including the exceptions ) ….. and we tend to fall in love…
Then when we get someone, or say someone has accepted us, his/her girl fried  or boyfriend….then we feel like over the moon…we keep on speaking our partner for as much as we can…we think of them…as much as possible….every song seem like, narrating ur study…… u start speaking with the stars, moon etc…..Ur life become very happy…
This type of feeling u get first at ur teenage…i am very sure, all of us like someone, at that period of life….no matter whether our partner love us or not…..
That time ( first time) we were kid or child for love….and u know what, child does everything from there heart….so that love or feeling was also from their heart….. Often we say, we can not forgot our first love …. that was the reason….coz, that time, you were so innocent, your feelings were so true……that you could not think of yourself , rather you thought of your partners wellness…his or her happiness………..
When ur feelings are for others….that’s pure love….
I would tell you a phrase that I read an year back that ::
U can give without Love
But you can never love without giving !!
Have you all saw your mom ? what she does ? she is just giving her love to you, your bro, sis, dad everyone….That’s Love…..
Now, I will move on to the next Stage of Life……i.e.. what if, you don’t get a true partner at you first relation ? or you broke up with your partner, due to any reason……………..But you are an adult now, naturally, you would require a partner to standby you, to support you emotionally, to satify your sexual needs, to help you financially etc………. and will look for them……..
But this time, what happened that… just gave a name “Love” for someone, whom you are expecting, to satisfy all these things……….
You say to public, you love your partner or husband or  wife……but do you think that you truly love your partner….?? If yes, then why U kept those conditions, in your mind……
You say, I love her/him….but the fact is, you need someone…who can standby you…in your failure…..he/she can emotinally support you….. when u r emotionally broke up….by fighting for your Currier, with society with parents….could be anything…….
You say, I love my girlfriend / boyfriend or husband/ wife….but the fact is, you need someone to have sex……and the socialized term you gave…is i love him or her…or we are husband or wife….
There is nothing wrong, if someone is having sex…thats body requirement…..but as i am talking about ” Do u truly love anyone…..So the Question still remain Question mark ……
Whenever u r keeping any condition for love……that time your not following your heart …….u r following your mind… things can not be purely from your heart…….as we seen in our first love….in our teenage……
Now, a most important question with all of u :::
We often say, i love my partner more than my life bla…bla..bla…
But the answer is no one can love, anyone more than loving himself/ herself…
let me clarify……””” we all love ourselves the most.””….
How, reasons, given above already..
YES, when you love from your heart…no involvement of your mind….i mean no condition for love…….no expectation for your love…coz, as i am loving my partner..even he/she should love me or any other condition….that’s called true love… for example…all of us, heard about  “” Meera and Krishna Love Story “”….
Why, I explained it to you…..i know most of the people are just crowd….they just following, what they have been……
suppose, a married woman.. deliver a baby….coz, that her body requirement or socialised requirement…..she broad up her child….and when child mature…..that time all her motherhood finish….she would expect her child to get a good job, good wfe….so that she can live her old age easily…
In fact these days, most of the woman, don’t even do breast feeding to her child.. coz she is more concerned about looking young…maintaining good figure….. then why she delivered her baby….one could be her body requirement … until she deliver her first kid…..every month she is going to have stomach pain while her mensuration period…..
other thing, could be, if you don’t deliver a baby, then society will say, u r not fertile ( Banz in hindi )….so u r concerned about your society…..
Another thing, could be, u deliver a  baby , as you are frustrated with your husband’s activities, and you feel happy, by seeing ur kid smiling and growing…..((specially, this is a huge problem in our country, in case of arrange marriage, where husband and wife are not compatible to each other but they drag their marriage, coz of parents, kids, society, traditions etc….God Horrible ))
when these many conditions, you have in your mind, then how come you will love your child….
Why I gave mom’s example……whom we believe, that, they love their child the most…..but how many of them are truly ?????
Its not so easy to be a true mom…………just delivering a child and broad him/her up is not just motherhood….. its much more than that…(( if i talk, in terms of spirituality….then  abandent mediation, worships you will have to do, if you want to become a true mom…..there , now i am not even going……))
Yes, since I took, woman’s example….that does not mean, that Men…love everyone truly…..Women are far more ahead of Men…When it come to love someone…..
Yes, why I took mom’s example……coz, i wanted to talk about  “”Love ” in that context….which is pure and from heart…no conditions etc…
Most of the people are just being the crowd…and follow what they have told so far…so this article is not for them, they can follow whatever they have been….
This article is for those few crazy people, who have been doing lot of expirements with their life and was seeking such information….they might got many of their answers, which were question marks for them till date………….     !!**::**!!

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Maa..Mother.. A most lovely word in the world

Maa.. Mother…A most lovely word in the world..
All of us love this word..we think of love,sacrifice,giver etc.. when we think of this word..
A women is a born to be a mother.. i am talking about feelings (Mamta in hindi) ……not to deliver a baby..
Now from feeling, i mean the feeling for good for other….it could be her own child, it could be someone else child,it could be her parents,siblings, spouse……it could be her friends, her lover, her love towards an animal like dog,cat,cow etc.
Now, bigger her feelings, big is a mother inside her…i mean she will be mother for everyone..she will love everyone, she will be happy to see everyone happy..she will be happy with everyone’s growth……she will give her own bite of food, even to an stronger, a beggar, an animal (mostly to dog)..
Now is a man, a mother..????? yes, the way, i explianed above…yes, off course if we talk about feelings…..a feeling for well being of others, a feeling to see others happy, a feeling to sacrifice n-number of things, for others happiness……Yes, even a man can be big mother inside…..                                                Now, if we talk about delivering a baby…..yes very true…can not only make any woman a mother….i am talking about feelings…for example a woman,deliver a baby, and leave him/her on the stairs of temple…a woman deliver a baby, and sell her child to get some money, a woman deliver a baby with any kind of her expectations to be full-filled….she is not  a mother…though, she delivered a baby, but she is not a mother….
Yes, i have covered the major things already…the most important thing, i am going to tell now is….everyone should have a mother inside him/her…. bigger is the mother inside, bigger is the love for others and definitely…….u r more responsible towards others…as other will expect for ur love, affection, guidance etc…!!@@##@@!!


Om mantra Chanting Video with tanpura sound

Very nice music, OM with Tanpura Sound, if you close your eyes, sit comfortably in a meditative pose, and then if you try to chan the same mantra, in same pace and rhythm so it as per your age, if your 30 years old then try to do it at least 30 minutes daily and after that just  sit without chanting the words and try to follow whatever is happening with you (of course keep your eyes closed) and after that when you try to ope your eyes for sometime it will be difficult to open your eyes then things will be perfect and if  might feel more energetic to do your and many more so keep observing i don’t want to include much here, as you find yourself if its good for you or not..


Relaxing music
Very relaxing music, if you are tired, believe me, it might take away  all ur tiredness, also if you look at the video, you might feel like soo big and so beautiful and moreover so mysterious, somewhere water is falling from high mountains, sometime clouds are playing in the mountains, sometime d huge glaciers, in fact it has got all color, all power etc.,  and we are in our small family of few members or small community of few people etc. thinks we are 30 mar kha….we think we r falana, dhinkana……so if you look at this video and if you feel d same as i said, you might loose your ego, and you would like to love everyone, and if you follow that, even you life will be better than what you had before…and will feel love in the air, your soul will go up, you will be close to god..”””””


Mein Zindagi Hun aur Mein Kuch Thak sa gaya hun

life mysteryMein zindagi hun,
Aur mein kuch thak sa gaya hun,
Jis insaan ko banaya sarvashaktimaan,
Ushi insaan ko dekha bilakkar rotein huen,
Simte huye, dubke huye, hahakaar kartein huye,

khud ke hatho, khud ko barbaad kartein huye,
pine ke pani ke liye rotein huye,
nadion ke jal mein jahar gholtein huye,
Hawaon ko gandi kartein huye,
sansen lene se dartein huye,

shanti ke batein kartein huye,
par yudh ki taiyariya kartein huye?
Pyar, mohabbat, sachayi, ko khotein huye,
Sawarg ki kamna mein pritvi ko choti samztein huye,
Narak ke dar se zindagi se door hotein huye,
Amrit ki chahat mein jal ko anmol na samaztein huye,
bhavishya (future) ke daar se vartamaan ko khotein huye.
Mein zindagi hun,
Aur Mein kuch thak sa gaya hun.

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The World we live today is Evil’S World (patal lok)

So how about If I tell u its an evil’s world. I mean d world we all live in ruled, run by d evil soul ?? evil world
Let me explain.
Today everything is based on systems that were developed prity much by western people ( east India company etc.). In this system, everyone is struggling for their life except a few. And those few are actually e evils or follow evils ways. Everything is destroyed so badly that was god made. Love, truth, respect, courtesy has no place to be appreciated. Fake, liar, cheater, corrupted, smugglers, gangstets or such wrong people live lavish life. Tell me some examples that u know someone who earn and live a lavish life right from bottom level and had never followed any wrong way ?? May be hardly any or could be none. Why ? coz its an evil’s world.
People can not live there life, almost everyone is struggling. Why ? Coz its evil’s world.
Now how life would have been if it would have been god’s world ??
Perhaps people might live happily, more and more people would have been happy. There would not be so much jealousy, violence, murder, rape etc…almost everyone would have been happy. People used to live their life instead of giving it off. I mean these days life has become so tought that people give up their life, I mean commit suicide. Why ? Coz its evil’s world.
Anti crist people grow up fast and true people sturrgle to survive. Why ? Coz its an evil’s world.
Hardly anyone know what is god, what is heaven. Why ? Coz its evil’s world.
People r trying hard, worshiping god so that they want to get there into d heaven with god. Why coz d place they live in, is not like heaven, means its an evil’s place they r living in today. The system that u all live in today is formed by evil souls. So there is darkness everywhere in d world today.
There are some souls like modi g, arun jately g and could be many more people who spent their whole life to study and form something to bring in positive change but believe me, none of them could get to that point, what I just said about the world. This week we had some visitors from Hyderabad, and slowly I went on telling so many things to them and they were like, they had an all new outlook for life.
Today everything was measured in money, if u have money, u have people, everything else. I asked them, we talked so much, but did I talk about money ?? No, I did not. I have a business too, but do I read books to earn huge money ?? No..then what I do ?? I slowly said, I am reading Veda these days, I am studying so many other things. Now think what my interest are? since my childhood my interest were different and it was never about money.
And at last, I talked about god’s world and how people will live in their world ?? Then how about understanding it, with an example. Let’s take shree ram’s example, people say, raamraaj….. its said, people were happy at ramraaj..
Now u might think, it was small population that time, today we are huge all over world, and many more questions u may have by now, but for now, may be u would need to wait a lil more to know those answers…)()()(…


Lessons from an old man to his grandson

wisdom, sprituality, teachingLessons from an old man to his grandson, that among the two wolf within us, the one we feed in will win.

Means you become what you learn or what you actually want to become.


How your dress send positive or negative message to society ?

I feel so bad that these days actress/girls/models/girls at good job r using dress code to go to higher levels , to get popularity, money, etc. It’s not bad, if u do it naturally, coz at some level of spiritualism people feel to remove everything and wanted to b as d way God made them, like mahaveer etc, if every women go nude for 2 weeks, men will get to see them as they r, after somtime neither they would need to hide anything behind d clothes, nor d men Will have any cloths to tear . Since it’s hided behind the cloths, or the cloths intensionally made to create a sexual seducing to men.

i feel so bad, some remove their clothes ( society says call girl) coz they has no option to survive and these people r doing for money, more money, name fame etc.

There r so much talk about about why should a women wear clothes as per man’s boundaries ? true. Rape, etc. r acts like beast, and should b punished badly. As no one has any right to destroy other. Then irrespective of what a women wear even if that seduce a man, man should control their natural wildness, should respect woman and never ever think to do any wrong to any woman, irrespect of what she wear.

Now apart from that if we look at other aspect of this issue.. It’s never gud to wear a cloth which can excite a man, seduce him, wearing clothes showing half breast, or legs till d thighs, or wearing t shirts etc with something written above d breast etc.

Companies or designers r making such clothes, and u r wearing it coz u want to look Sexy, attractive ? what msg u give, and to whom ? of course r not to d women, its for men, so, that sex or Sexy msg is going to d men, society and things r happening like rape etc.

In film industry, women r shown wearing top less dressess. trying to show their sexual parts on movies to make more money.

Suppose on d other way, if men start wearing such clothes where their sexual parts r highlighted, or d pants r designed in a way, so that’s it is completely transplant or has hole, which show half of male sexual parts etc. ? Obviously it excite billions of women or girls live in cities who watch movies,that guy will b popular like anything among city girls.

Now go a lil more, and think someone is producing movies in which guy is showed nude, (without pant from back) and above him there is an actress making love to him ? Obviously that will even make women more excited for such men and when often they get excited sexually, many might start finding ways to satisfy their excitement, by having sex with men whether they are married or not, more women will get into extra marital activites as everyday they get sexual excitement by seeing some man nude etc. That guy Will b popular, his demand will increase, he can ask any amount of money he need, but is that right ? 

How do u feel it, gud or bad? These days mosly actress find d only way to become popularby anyway even if it mean to go nude also in fact there is competition among girls to get more followers, and they address their followers as thanks for d love, as they are following them.

Many actress did this, but it was not right. May b they never thought it like this before, but now may b my words make them to think, even d other way can also b true.

People at higher level has greater responsiblity on their shoulder, but they got to think about it , how they can? Only breathing never means life, ask urself, why r u here on earth? What is d purpose of ur life ? R u a victim of system? Then how will u come out of it to make ur existence a different, a count ? or will u just follow d crowd ?  I can share my thoughts, but it’s u, who has to ask : what, why, how, when : kind of questions and get ur own answers.dress code

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Swami Vivekananda Life Lessons

Swami Vivekananda Life Lessons

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Whom People will accept as their god in this age ?

Whom people will accept as god, who would b known as god? Yes, in today’s commercial world, everyone is trying to trade, there is a race to earn money for them and for their family.

  jesus, god Money is d biggest power what people has accepted in today’s life. People try to earn, more and more, his/her desire for money and d material things never end. Everyone here try to get some benefit from other, everyone behave well with people above them, so that they can get some benefit from them, if one realize there is no profit from a person, they loose faith, respect etc. from them. People have become more artificial, they lost d trust, they lost d truth etc. So d person, who has truth, honesty, love in core of their heart, respect everyone, spend time with those from whom he/she will not b benefitted anyways, yes , d people below their level, who will help people improve their life, live a better life. One who is above d desire of money, who has that heart to give every amount of money to d poor. Usually when people has less money, they has some honesty, but when he earn huge money, his attitude change, he can not think of a life without money, so d person who will give everything to d mankind and can live a life like a sage (fakeer in hindi).

In these days people try to help other but only to some extent, accordingly people accepted them as better humans, some worshipped also like Rajnikant, mother teresa, some r phyloshopers (well there r many). And in many ways. Where everyone is standing in a side where they can get/take something, but d people at d other side who can give everything to d people, would b d one whom people will respect. Remember, only becoming a brand ambasadar of some charity, or to open a charity organisation or people who would give their money to charity after them, will not make u someone whom people will accept as their god, rather who is above all his desire for any material thing and help other, only they will be accepted as their god.