Way towards Nobelty !!

Around 10 years back, one day I was sitting alone in my home, suddenly a thought came in my mind,” I never saw any NobelĀ  person, but I heard of them that they are silent, soft, they live in their own world, if someone say wrong about them, they will still not feel bad about that, rather they think “god please give him strength to learn good etc..etc….
I thought, I am not a Nobel personality, I can not be like them…….but can i follow, at least one of their ways, like if i will go soft, or will speak softly….how about this….?? i told to myself, ok, i am not a Nobel Person but at least i will try to follow their ways, I will try to speak softly, i will try to think about good for others..etc..etc…….And could not even realized that when that trait came in me, its over 8 years now, when i talk, i go inside, speak from my heart and don’t even realize that even if any person sitting not even 1 meter away from me, he can not listen my voice, he/she has to tell me (most of the time), Common Man (name will not disclose now) please speak loudly, we can not hear you….then consciously i have to speak loudly !!
Then in another instances, another thought came in my mind that in this world everyone is thinking of their own, own mom, dad,brother, sister,husband, wife, son, daughter etc..etc..but i thought that everybody think about themselves but i will think about others, others happiness, others well being…and developed me for the same.
@@@ Now, few weeks back when i was sitting below the open sky as usual, but that day the thought came in my life was amazing; I thought, ” what one need in their life, and the answer was was really amazing,’ i found every orgasm in this world, whether its men, whether its birds, whether its fishes, whether its trees or anything and everything they just need two thing #### (1) Food (2) Sex ### without this you can not live or better to say, life is not possible without these two things……
Then another question came in my mind,” what about those things which people are crazy about, why people are just running though out their life and got my answer too..those all r our desires…our desires never end, it just increase, increase and increase….now when one realize this, then definitely their life will change from there..
Well i am really liking these answers which i getting from inside/within and now realizing that all my desires are finished, yes there are few things/obligation which i would like to do before leaving this world.
Well i believe that in this world there are so many people who are ill and less fortunate, so we should help them who are less fortunate than us…and i want to develop an UN-surpassed compassion to perform good throughout the world…
The kind of things i am learning from each and every particle, seconds i mean from nature i am really liking it, the kind of understanding i am getting, the kind of alertness i am getting, kind of witness ( dakcha banna in hindi ) i am really liking it and hoping that i should be able to see the transformation of energy in me when i will leave this world…@@@

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