Reviews of Sea Biscuit : Movie.

The movie is about the adventure of horse….who had some physical problems..due to which he was lazy when he was very young….one day, a business man or sports man what u call them, who run their horses on race.. though the horse was lazy, but he bought him, brought him to his place..                                  Later he started training him for races, but the horse could not make it…he used to loose the game..after few months, the owner noticed, a person (the hero of the movie : spider man), whos behaviour was similar to the horse…                       The Owner, hired him as his horse rider….Yes, here the story began, the hero understood the physical problems of the horse, he used to love him….he used to talk to him….while practicising the race, he used to make him take the race at exact timimg and the horse started winning all the races..                 The Horse broke all the records..and made many new records…and for him,  the owner earned name,fame and money….and finallly  in the entire movie the most important words that he said for the horse, for which i wrote this article and wanted to share with you friends…..He said..                          “”” It was not we who had choosen him, it was he who had choosen us..”””                 A very short but very good morale from the movie wanted to share with you all that, never under-estimate anyone, a;ways find the good things, and belive me you will get good results..                 Second thing, with understanding, love, affection and hard work one can win anything….            Third thing, if your rider ((could be your parents, husband or wife, brothers or sisters, friends,lover)) is good….i mean the person who is responsible for you, then you can win anything….                Yes, here you are, get the right things, do the right things and belive me…u r the winner…u Will win…**@@!!

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