One thought can shift the world to a different world that no one has idea about


Those who create or Destroy knows the smallest seed they need for their work.

Here we go, how this man spoiled our ancient culture and introduced us to run behind their things – Language, work culture, dressing sense, education; everything we do today,people try to be like them. A lot of time i talked about many things, when i talked about love, i talked to the deepest level, when i talked about the money system, i said one day someone introduced it before that there were barter system and today no one can think above money, and perhaps i was the only person who said it in a long time or may be in centuries who talked to finish/modify this system, also said it one day someone has to do this and over a period of time it might change across the whole world.

So here we go, if you wonder, why i am still not the richest person or one of the most known faces in terms of earning money etc. then the answer is here, you can see where my energy is focused ?  If you go even deeper levels you might find that I am that person, who is planning hard to finish this money system or modify it, once i even said, its enough that everyone talk about removing poverty , but till date they could not then how about removing richness ? I mean, once you cap the earning of a person may be to maximum of few crores then the rich people will not have any more reason to earn more by sucking bloods of poor people that way perhaps there will be less difference between people like almost everyone will have same money, in today’s world one has 10 billion and other can not even has 20-30 K rs etc. ? so where the money is accumulating ? perhaps its there ? so if capping is done, then what can happen, so when i talk about modifying money system perhaps i am talking about capping and much more.

So here it is, once again the language you speak in, i am typing in because of this person, who could think in the whole British Empire that a language can do such huge shifting of our culture and only this man got the idea and we indians were spoiled for centuries, similarly what i just said can u understand it in the same way, how about the idea now ?

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