No existance is possible alone


Alone there is no existence. When things r put Together it has some meaning.Suppose there is a beautiful girl, but only girl in this world; she would never know that she is beautiful anyways, but when u bring some other girl little darker than her, then she knows she look better than her. 

Suppose there would not be river, then perhaps all might be drinking sea water.

With these examples, i am trying to say we all want to have the best thing in life, we drink river water as its tastier than sea water, we want to get a more beautiful girl, in spite of d fact that everything is good in some ways and feel happy with the things we have in our life, everyone is in a race to get the best at any cost and there d fight begin, as not everyone can have d best one.

When would we understand that, we can not live alone, we need others to live here on earth. Without a man, a woman is incomplete and vice-versa, without a child both of them r incomplete, without all of us, nature is incomplete.

So why do we fight with each other, who is good, who is better, why do we tend to have everything, when that is not possible ? if someone has talent, he may not have money, if someone has money he may not have talent..if a man is good, may be his woman is not as good as he is and vice-versa…but still we need to be positive towards our life and live it to d best what one can live.

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