Difference between Life and death


Try to find d difference between sun Set and Sun Rise :
Well sun Rise and Sun Set both looks same. d difference is only in direction or we call it in Position.
Scientifically Sun never rise or set, its stable, our earth rotates around it,
now what happens, why it moves ? just image guys, earth is stable, now d side towards sun would be extremely hot,
and d side away from sun would be extremely cold, darkness etc. in both the situations life will not be possible.
so when it moves, or better to say earth move/change its position, it maintains d balance of life.
Change is necessary for life/existence, there r lots and lots of changes we live physically, biologically and emotionally,
experience everything here through ur body. Birth and Death are also d same, but with one we feel happy with other we feel sad.
In birth energy enters into d body from d whole and with death energy goes out of d body into the Whole.
Live ur life fearlessly, experience everything. Don’t get stick to one thing, otherwise u will miss so many other things in life
and while dying when u would recall ur life, u would feel u missed a lot of thing and thats how, u can not go back to d whole.
Remeber life is just once, experience everything in this life only.life and death difference

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