Art of Love Making

Art of Love making – I guess from d name u might got its little personal, so b little careful while reading.
      It is generally said that a man should know how to satisfy his woman physically, which plays a major role to bind two people. When u start doing this, start d way u saw in some adult movies, or u read it or someone shared their experience. When ur part is in her part doing motions, don’t think of any other women focus on ur process, see how ur woman is feeling it. What happen, sex is in men’s mind, so when we see their parts we ejaculate fast, so while doing u can not see her lower part, don’t focus on upper part doing motion, this way u will ejaculate little longer. Once done, b silent for sometime, women also b silent, don’t move any part, let d men’s part b in women’s part, don’t let it come out, after around a minute or two breath properly, feel fresh energy and slowly slowly start again, when ur part is erected properly again then do it all over again, this time d ejaculation will happen even after a long time and u can try it again if she still need some more time to satisfy. This way u can do this for ur women for around an hour also without any sex capsules or viagra kind of things. Well men settle when they ejaculate d first time, but may b ur women is not settled, sou can try this for ur women and make her happy if she is very hot to handle,and bring happiness in d family, she doesn’t need to look out to settle her physical needs.
     Its a little play, that a man can do with awareness and knowing their brain. I could not see such information anywhere so shared it. So many families breaks coz. of lack of knowledge for this art. So if u want can share d info. with others to make their family’s happy, but make sure how u use ur words its very important, don’t feel shy if ur really discussing these things, talk in a proper way so that other should understand it as an information, no one should feel vulgar, so b careful with words, or just ask them to read it..!!

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