One man- one woman


One man- one woman.
This is d rule present generation follow.

      Earlier we heard stories of king having many queens and people had no choice to oppose or they accepted things in that way women also used to live together adjusting with one another but yes d king may love someone more out of all other, as Sharjaha loved mumtaz more than his other queens. 
       Today’s generation don’t believe in having more wives or more men, no matter upper class people they sleep with how many girls, wives, women and how many time they divorce and get married again, but as per rule one man can have one women and same with women.Similar with upper class women also they can sleep with as many men they want,but only one married man at a time. If want to get married to another then divorce first one and then marry a new one..
         Usually every other person follow this as that is d rule And legal system Also designed according to that..
       Here what I need to tell that today at d time of globalization people travel from one part to another,so many people they come across, via internet also one can connect to anyone and then many breaks their first marriage to get new one, many stops their own feelings for new one as they did not want to break d first marriage.
     Usually we all should follow that one man and one woman rule, as their will b less complexity in terms of what we learned in current situations in our societies..but by any chance if u come to a situation where, there r two women love a single man or two men love a single woman, then if they all love each other truly and to d extreme level then they should think of helping each other living a good life together. If one is married and has a new man or woman in life, they just should not take their decision alone, they need to ask permission from their partner, children and then proceed, I am sure if d feelings r true, person is true then d family will eventually accept their decision as even they can understand what feelings one can have as they themselves has feelings for their partner.
        Last couple of years I was listening to so many people, understanding their situations and telling them resolutions, and this time this resolution I reached. When I look at film industry their r many break up story, its obvious that most of them did not value relationship, few were honest , but as per law they divorced d 1st one and married new one and am sure one day they all b guilty for their 1st marriage and children etc., other side many honest one loved someone outside truly but did not accept them as per law to accept d new they had to divorce d 1st one which they did not d 2nd one had tough time controlling here motions and might end up living her life alone..
    Now here what I need to tell u, people could b a good actor, rich person, powerful person but none of them were a Revolutionary, so they could not think of bringing any revolution. Only a revolutionary can think of bringing d revolution.
   Yes they often know d consequences but they r never scared to take any decision which they believe is not wrong and d motto is do something which d future generation should not suffer. To live life as others do is very simple but to bring revolution so that future generation should have a better life would b tough. 
     Again usually this type of situations should not happen in one’s life, but if happen this can b d way.
    Again no rule can b 100% perfect, today if someone make a rule tomorrow others will miss use that. So one rule is true to one person may b someone else would have a different definition for that, so everything can not b in law book. 
    But being human beings u need to think ur situation and find a better solution to live everyone happy, earlier u will find it strange as we r told and broad up with that kind of thought so thinking differently would b a challenge for everyone but gradually people would start understanding d meaning of words that I just said….)()()(….

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