Whom People will accept as their god in this age ?

Whom people will accept as god, who would b known as god? Yes, in today’s commercial world, everyone is trying to trade, there is a race to earn money for them and for their family.

  jesus, god Money is d biggest power what people has accepted in today’s life. People try to earn, more and more, his/her desire for money and d material things never end. Everyone here try to get some benefit from other, everyone behave well with people above them, so that they can get some benefit from them, if one realize there is no profit from a person, they loose faith, respect etc. from them. People have become more artificial, they lost d trust, they lost d truth etc. So d person, who has truth, honesty, love in core of their heart, respect everyone, spend time with those from whom he/she will not b benefitted anyways, yes , d people below their level, who will help people improve their life, live a better life. One who is above d desire of money, who has that heart to give every amount of money to d poor. Usually when people has less money, they has some honesty, but when he earn huge money, his attitude change, he can not think of a life without money, so d person who will give everything to d mankind and can live a life like a sage (fakeer in hindi).

In these days people try to help other but only to some extent, accordingly people accepted them as better humans, some worshipped also like Rajnikant, mother teresa, some r phyloshopers (well there r many). And in many ways. Where everyone is standing in a side where they can get/take something, but d people at d other side who can give everything to d people, would b d one whom people will respect. Remember, only becoming a brand ambasadar of some charity, or to open a charity organisation or people who would give their money to charity after them, will not make u someone whom people will accept as their god, rather who is above all his desire for any material thing and help other, only they will be accepted as their god. 

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