How your dress send positive or negative message to society ?


I feel so bad that these days actress/girls/models/girls at good job r using dress code to go to higher levels , to get popularity, money, etc. It’s not bad, if u do it naturally, coz at some level of spiritualism people feel to remove everything and wanted to b as d way God made them, like mahaveer etc, if every women go nude for 2 weeks, men will get to see them as they r, after somtime neither they would need to hide anything behind d clothes, nor d men Will have any cloths to tear . Since it’s hided behind the cloths, or the cloths intensionally made to create a sexual seducing to men.

i feel so bad, some remove their clothes ( society says call girl) coz they has no option to survive and these people r doing for money, more money, name fame etc.

There r so much talk about about why should a women wear clothes as per man’s boundaries ? true. Rape, etc. r acts like beast, and should b punished badly. As no one has any right to destroy other. Then irrespective of what a women wear even if that seduce a man, man should control their natural wildness, should respect woman and never ever think to do any wrong to any woman, irrespect of what she wear.

Now apart from that if we look at other aspect of this issue.. It’s never gud to wear a cloth which can excite a man, seduce him, wearing clothes showing half breast, or legs till d thighs, or wearing t shirts etc with something written above d breast etc.

Companies or designers r making such clothes, and u r wearing it coz u want to look Sexy, attractive ? what msg u give, and to whom ? of course r not to d women, its for men, so, that sex or Sexy msg is going to d men, society and things r happening like rape etc.

In film industry, women r shown wearing top less dressess. trying to show their sexual parts on movies to make more money.

Suppose on d other way, if men start wearing such clothes where their sexual parts r highlighted, or d pants r designed in a way, so that’s it is completely transplant or has hole, which show half of male sexual parts etc. ? Obviously it excite billions of women or girls live in cities who watch movies,that guy will b popular like anything among city girls.

Now go a lil more, and think someone is producing movies in which guy is showed nude, (without pant from back) and above him there is an actress making love to him ? Obviously that will even make women more excited for such men and when often they get excited sexually, many might start finding ways to satisfy their excitement, by having sex with men whether they are married or not, more women will get into extra marital activites as everyday they get sexual excitement by seeing some man nude etc. That guy Will b popular, his demand will increase, he can ask any amount of money he need, but is that right ? 

How do u feel it, gud or bad? These days mosly actress find d only way to become popularby anyway even if it mean to go nude also in fact there is competition among girls to get more followers, and they address their followers as thanks for d love, as they are following them.

Many actress did this, but it was not right. May b they never thought it like this before, but now may b my words make them to think, even d other way can also b true.

People at higher level has greater responsiblity on their shoulder, but they got to think about it , how they can? Only breathing never means life, ask urself, why r u here on earth? What is d purpose of ur life ? R u a victim of system? Then how will u come out of it to make ur existence a different, a count ? or will u just follow d crowd ?  I can share my thoughts, but it’s u, who has to ask : what, why, how, when : kind of questions and get ur own answers.dress code

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