The World we live today is Evil’S World (patal lok)


So how about If I tell u its an evil’s world. I mean d world we all live in ruled, run by d evil soul ??
Let me explain.
Today everything is based on systems that were developed prity much by western people ( east India company etc.). In this system, everyone is struggling for their life except a few. And those few are actually e evils or follow evils ways. Everything is destroyed so badly that was god made. Love, truth, respect, courtesy has no place to be appreciated. Fake, liar, cheater, corrupted, smugglers, gangstets or such wrong people live lavish life. Tell me some examples that u know someone who earn and live a lavish life right from bottom level and had never followed any wrong way ?? May be hardly any or could be none. Why ? coz its an evil’s world.
People can not live there life, almost everyone is struggling. Why ? Coz its evil’s world.
Now how life would have been if it would have been god’s world ??
Perhaps people might live happily, more and more people would have been happy. There would not be so much jealousy, violence, murder, rape etc…almost everyone would have been happy. People used to live their life instead of giving it off. I mean these days life has become so tought that people give up their life, I mean commit suicide. Why ? Coz its evil’s world.
Anti crist people grow up fast and true people sturrgle to survive. Why ? Coz its an evil’s world.
Hardly anyone know what is god, what is heaven. Why ? Coz its evil’s world.
People r trying hard, worshiping god so that they want to get there into d heaven with god. Why coz d place they live in, is not like heaven, means its an evil’s place they r living in today. The system that u all live in today is formed by evil souls. So there is darkness everywhere in d world today.
There are some souls like modi g, arun jately g and could be many more people who spent their whole life to study and form something to bring in positive change but believe me, none of them could get to that point, what I just said about the world. This week we had some visitors from Hyderabad, and slowly I went on telling so many things to them and they were like, they had an all new outlook for life.
Today everything was measured in money, if u have money, u have people, everything else. I asked them, we talked so much, but did I talk about money ?? No, I did not. I have a business too, but do I read books to earn huge money ?? No..then what I do ?? I slowly said, I am reading Veda these days, I am studying so many other things. Now think what my interest are? since my childhood my interest were different and it was never about money.
And at last, I talked about god’s world and how people will live in their world ?? Then how about understanding it, with an example. Let’s take shree ram’s example, people say, raamraaj….. its said, people were happy at ramraaj..
Now u might think, it was small population that time, today we are huge all over world, and many more questions u may have by now, but for now, may be u would need to wait a lil more to know those answers…)()()(…

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