Maa..Mother.. A most lovely word in the world


Maa.. Mother…A most lovely word in the world..
All of us love this word..we think of love,sacrifice,giver etc.. when we think of this word..
A women is a born to be a mother.. i am talking about feelings (Mamta in hindi) ……not to deliver a baby..
Now from feeling, i mean the feeling for good for other….it could be her own child, it could be someone else child,it could be her parents,siblings, spouse……it could be her friends, her lover, her love towards an animal like dog,cat,cow etc.
Now, bigger her feelings, big is a mother inside her…i mean she will be mother for everyone..she will love everyone, she will be happy to see everyone happy..she will be happy with everyone’s growth……she will give her own bite of food, even to an stronger, a beggar, an animal (mostly to dog)..
Now is a man, a mother..????? yes, the way, i explianed above…yes, off course if we talk about feelings…..a feeling for well being of others, a feeling to see others happy, a feeling to sacrifice n-number of things, for others happiness……Yes, even a man can be big mother inside…..                                                Now, if we talk about delivering a baby…..yes very true…can not only make any woman a mother….i am talking about feelings…for example a woman,deliver a baby, and leave him/her on the stairs of temple…a woman deliver a baby, and sell her child to get some money, a woman deliver a baby with any kind of her expectations to be full-filled….she is not  a mother…though, she delivered a baby, but she is not a mother….
Yes, i have covered the major things already…the most important thing, i am going to tell now is….everyone should have a mother inside him/her…. bigger is the mother inside, bigger is the love for others and definitely…….u r more responsible towards others…as other will expect for ur love, affection, guidance etc…!!@@##@@!!

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