Letter to WHO on Covid19

This is a copy of Letter to WHO on covid19:-


The Director,

World Health Organization.

Sub :- Regarding Corona’s precautionary measures :-

Respected Sir,

My Name is Kishore Kumar Haldar, live in Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. I work as a Tutor, a Stock Market Analyst and a blogger.

   Since March2020 the whole world has witnessed a new virus called Corona which was able to multiply and spread from person to person. The world also witnessed several lacks of deaths of their loved ones because of this virus.

      Back in March2020 when this pandemic started growing worldwide, no one had any idea about the virus, everything that was done till date was an experiment, whether the govt called for lockdowns, whether the doctors serving the medicines of fever to their patients; everything was an experiment, we could not develop the vaccine for the virus till date, still we have seen that more than 60% people were recovered from the disease who were tested positive and rest will recover in future dates  provided if they have a good immunity system or has no other disease.

      After two and half months the only thing that we have is “The Data”, which shows the death rates are the least and more recovery. However till date neither any organization- govt or  media could analyze the data and guide the human community correctly, instead the media all over the world emphasize on the increase in number of positive cases, their prime debates are on the increase in numbers than talking about the least number of deaths which are making people worried about the disease. How about someone at your position guide the world based on the data what I just said, along with that people should be told to continue to wear masks, maintain social distancing as the virus spread from person to person but by any chance if someone get infected then also no problem as there are more chances that they might recover by our medical teams.

      The data also shows that the virus took comparatively more lives of their loved ones in the colder regions of planet like Europe, America etc. The initial studies suggested that the sanitizer which we have to use, has to have alcohol. Means- logically alcohol or any hot drink like coffee which help to keep our bodies warm can help us to be more immune to the virus. How about we educate the same to our people in the colder regions, I mean to intake alcohol, cup of coffee as a remedy and hopefully that might reduce the number of deaths in such places.

          Well I am done for now but the question is who I am? I am not a Researcher, neither a Scientist nor a Doctor who could tell something about the disease. Still if you remember One of Software Engineer from Chennai found the Debris of “Chandrayan 2” which neither NASA nor ISRO scientist could found.  So we never know who will come out of what tomorrow. The only thing that we have to believe that mysteries are folded in every corner of this planet which just come out time to time. 

      At last if I remember, back in march2020 your organization said we are looking for guidance from India, that how we came out of pandemic like Chicken Pox. If that was true then how and who ?

       So when the medical team, the laboratories work against the virus until we find the vaccine, can we guide our govt to avoid any more lockdown to protect the poor people who are dying cause of hunger as they have no work because of lockdowns, also to educate our human community to get a new perspective about the virus at the time of fear, pain, deaths and make them little more relaxed for other days of their life? 

  Thanking You,

Your’s Truly,

Kishore Kumar Haldar,

Port Blair, India,

Phone –  08767 088 777,

Email :- kishorebba@gmail.com.


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