Shiv Kumar Batalvi BBC interview

Excerpts of Shiv Kumar Batalvi’s {(23/07/1936-06/05/1973)(a punjabi superstar poet)} BBC interview 1970 :-
His 1st question was how he found his poetry, if he had any pain, or coz of luv ?
he said,” in India there are classes, the middle class has unlimited pains;
every parent send their kids to schools as an investment and after 10 years they want
return on that, and my dad was a tahsildar and i don’t know when i got poetry out of that.
then he was asked another question,” in this age people are trying to run away from their life, try to escape
from his responsibilities ?
He said,” in this age we all are dying slowly everyday (like we are given slow poison) and it will happen with every intellectual.

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