Letter to Chief Secretary Islands, Suggestions to admin

We became Green Zone on 18/05/2020 after around 28 days without even a single covid +ve cases but then on 24/05/2020 central govt decided to start the aviation services and our local administration also allowed Islanders to travel back to Islands. But our administration failed in one area that it gave people a choice to do home quarantine. General if you give people choice, then even if 90/100 follows quarantine rules there will be at least 10/100 who will not obey the rules, consequently the virus will spread among the islanders who were virus free till 18/05/2015. 

So instead of allowing people to do home quarantine, you were suppose to do quarantine under your observation. As per your data, in last two months around 35K people traveled in/out of islands, means around 20K people traveled in. I am sure it could have been much better idea to quarantine 20K people in a span of two month than to risk around 5-10 Lack people who live here virus free.         Right from the medical department to police department who had to do their duties 24/7 were most prone to get infected and I am sure everyone was afraid every minute of their life in past few months about getting infected,

    The other way could have been that if you allow home quarantine,then seal the individual buildings/houses of the travelers for two weeks so that they can not go out until they complete 2 weeks quarantine, till then the administration provide the essential commodities to those households.

    If we compare both the ways, w find second one is not much feasible as in this way you would need to employ more people to keep an eye on individual house of travelers, instead the first way is more feasible where you can monitor every traveler under one roof, or in a much organised way.

Anyways what has already happen can not be changed, now instead of giving up and let the virus multiply further, we still can have a concrete plan to proceed with and over a period of time we will be virus free again and can become an example to the nation that how we managed during covid days.

Thanking You,

Your’s Truly,

Kishore Kumar Haldar,

Port Blair, India,

Phone –  08767 088 777,

Email :- kishorebba@gmail.com.


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