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Evolutions.in is the story of man, his circumstances and evolution in life.
Not tried for any kind of promotions, whatever learnt from people, whatever observed, whatever came out of heart, just put them in words and shared with you, so that if any of you like it or can learn anythings from my experience, then the reason for this web site will be successful.
One thing that i want to tell you all, no system can be 100% perfect, if one things is good for me and may be for millions of billions of people but may not be good for few or a chunk of people, so if anyone like it that is good can learn from them, implement them in life and realize its really good, then please share with others as well so that, we can help more and more people. But someone doesn’t like it please you follow what you have been following as we can not change each and every person over here, so if like you can follow, if you don’t then you can follow what you have been doing.
Yes for me, there is no limit, physically, geographically, age, sex or anyways, during my evolution i learnt that most of just talk about me,my, brother,sister,mom,dad, uncle, aunt and doesn’t give importance to others, here i tried to understand a win-win situation for all individualism, everyone is created by god, everyone would try to live at least sometime more, based on their energy, they try to live as much as possible, so everyone should be happy, no matter which place,country, religion, cast, poor or rich they are or they belong, doesn’t matter , i want everyone’s happiness and would love to reach every where across the globe with message for love and peace.
Every where people are happy and sad, ever where people has their own issues, that is life. Someone said this beautiful that world is full of ill and lonely people we should help those who are less fortunate than us. So please if someone want to join together to reach each other and help each other to make this planet better place to live, your always welcome. If you have anything good to share, please do share with us, if we like them (if its from heart), we will share them with others to spread more and more good through the world, in fact in a way of learning i can learn your experience as well, it could be a good blog, news, pics, video, movie anything..I will be waiting for your thoughts or experiences etc..
And finally to develop and un-surpassed compassion to perform good throughout the world..!!

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