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How to Control Blood Pressure

Almost in every house, someone has blood pressure or BP, mostly elders.


There is an easy remedy for blood pressure , use Pink Rock Salt in your diet instead of using ordinary white salt to control blood pressure.

Since the manufacturing companies don’t advertise on TV, neither people know about it nor its available in all the shops. So let us spread the word, gift our loved ones a blood pressure free life.

How to Cure Snoring Problems ?

In cities because of pollution, men snore loud & their woman find it difficult to sleep.


Haridra Khandam, an ayurvedic medicine can cure many respiratory problems including snoring etc. Buy it from any ayurvedic pharmacy shop to cure your snoring problems. Take 2 spoons twice a day for around 3 months, you can see the results that your snoring problems decreases permanently.

মহালয়া – Mahalaya

মহালয়া – Mahalaya, Something I broad up listening to. Before Durga Pooja Start, All India Radio used to play it, my mom used to switch on our radio & we all used to listen to it. I liked the Frequency of narrator, the way he chants or tell the story is awesome.

Support Afghan forces

Help Afghanistan

Help Amrullah Saleh

Justice for Disha and Shushant

कलयुग का राछस , इस्लाम ।

इस्लाम-कलयुग का राछस

Views : 164,018 पिछले साल अप्रैल में मैं जब महाभारत का विश्लेषण कर रहा था, तब मैंने कहा था की … More कलयुग का राछस , इस्लाम ।

Save Afghanistan Women

Watch this video from Khuda ke liye . It showed, how Muslim men live life without any rule, marrying many women but don’t allow any freedom to their women in the name of Allah. For example, Pakistan PM Imran Khan married many women but support Taliban Mentality, as of he is such a pure person. Their men have problems, not women, control your own lust and free your women. Please share to Save Afghanistan Women.

Narendra Modi govt