How to do Yoga ?

How to do Yoga ?

Yoga (योग) means “to connect/join”.
Connect to that ultimate thing, after which there is nothing else left, or get everything.

Meditation is a way to “connect” to your inner self, to the mysterious truths.

It is different for everyone, as everybody is unique, till date not even a single fingerprint matched with other. Your way to connect may also be different than others.

So don’t follow others, books, priests or pandits. Follow your own heart and it will guide you.

You don’t need to sacrifice anything, don’t need to spend your life un-married in the name of god, experience everything through your body, learn the very purpose of your life.

Don’t think about enlightenment (मोक्ष), eventually we all have to leave this life but before that Live your life. You will never get a second chance to live back this life


I am a Thought.

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