Life Never Settles

In 2017 I told to my wife one of the “key secrets” of this generation, i.e. “Life Never Settles“.

As a child we were told to study hard, to get a good job, in order to get settle in life. Then, when we get job, we are asked to get married to get settle in life.

So according to the society, if you have a job and is married then your life is settled. But is it true ? No, never, whole life you cry for some of the other thing and round around the temples, mosques and churches, praying to get a solution for your problems.

Then, what is the truth, our parents, society lacked to understand and failed to teach us as a child ?

Well, they lacked to understand that life never settles & failed to convey the message to us when we were child.

In fact in last few years in several occasions I talked about this secret, that life never settles. Those who follow me for long, they know everything I am telling now.

I said, even if you are a good person, may be you may end up loving a wrong person who may make your life miserable.

  • Fortunately if you find a good partner then also there are possibilities that your in-laws are not good people. If that is true, then also your life will not be peaceful.
  • Fortunately, If you find good in-laws, still there are chances that your kids may have some problem and in such case also you can’t live happily.
  • With everyone’s prayers, if your kids are born blessed, still there are possibilities they may end up, having wrong friends or choosing wrong partner. When this is true, they can’t live happily, and if they are not happy, then neither you can live happily.
  • With your good upbringings and prayers, If your kids choose right partner, then also there are chances, their in-laws are not good people.
  • If your kids find good in-laws, still its possible, their children may have some problem. If your grand children have problem, then neither your child (their parent) can live happily, nor you can live happy when your child is not happy.

Now can you imagine, 4 years back I was 30, and how far I had visualized ?

Well, I had “Visualized Life” till I become grand parent. I learnt way ahead that even if everything is perfect today in my life, still there possibilities that tomorrow there will be problems in my life.

So never get egoistic with your current situation, as tomorrow there will be tough days for you, which can destroy you completely.

In last few years, we as a family grew exponentially. But recently I saw Shahruk Khan, is struggling badly to protect his son Aryan Khan in the Drug case.

While the whole world, call him, King Khan, Superstar etc., who could ever think, what he will go through in his life ? 10 years back perhaps he himself couldn’t think that someday even he may has sleepless nights.

Well I am not talking about his struggling time in the initial days of his acting career, when everyone goes through sleepless nights, before their first break. Rather, I am talking about the time, when we had everything, some 10 years back, when he might thought, he could get anything in this world.

Can you imagine now, how true my words were, 4 years back, that If you are good person, and have a good partner, still there are chances that your children get into wrong friends and make their life hell and eventually you also can not live happily.

This incident is a huge message to the society, to the world that “Life Never Settles”. Sharukh who has a successful career, if his life is not settled, (example is right in front of you), then find your place, where you stand, and ask if your life is settled ? Or how your life will be settled ?

  • Understand that Life never settles and the only way to live happy is to live it in a right way ?
  • Be Polite, Help others, if you can before you die.

Today, on this Auspicious day of Dussehra, I shared this Secret to you to make you awake for your next levels of your life.

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