Power based Society

Power based Society

We often say that it’s a man made society , where men dominate and women are given less value, less opportunity, less respect.

However if we compare various species in the world, we find the stronger orgasm dominate the weaker. A big fish eat a smaller one, a tiger kills a weaker animal.
Now, come back to men and women, we find that men are physically stronger than women. That’s why in general we find them dominating over women.

While in a family where women earn more or she is beautiful or she quarrels then she dominate her man. man_made_society

From the ancient time we had found that a king with more power, attack on the weaker king. Because of  king’s power, he used to have 4-5 wives and so many women slaves for his fantasies.

In the name of religion, language, property , money, sex we always find that the stronger dominate the weaker.

Conclusively, we can say that its not man made society, its power based society.


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