Perfect Partner

Today I am going to talk about one of common problem most of us face in our life or in our community about our partner or perfect partner :

99% of us get married and its after marriage we come to know all the sides of our partner. If two people are compatible to each other, life become easier but when the couple find that their partner is comparatively less capable than them, gradually they find a distance is created between them, many a time they end up fighting with each other saying :

  1. They deserved better,
  2. Their Life became hell after marriage because of their inefficient partner.

Well there can be many problems in life among the couple, which they solve, but these two things become a problem for their lifetime which they can’t solve.

And If this is true to your situation also or you came across such situation in your community then let me tell you ” May be your partner is less capable than you, but he/she could be perfect for someone else who actually dreamt of such partner.

And if your partner could have married to them, together they could become the best couple, they could live their life happily with each other.

I mean, its just the wrong pairing which none of you were aware of before marriage and after marriage when you started living together you came across each other pros and cons and you found, your partner is less capable than you and you never realized when you created distance between you and your partner.

I am sure by now, you can relate and find the reason for unhappiness in your family if this is true to your story also then remember everybody is unique, everyone has their own self respect too, and when you can not short out problems that are happening in your family then it can take away all the happiness your family deserved.

Everybody want the best option for them until we have option. But imagine a situation, where you have no option and in that case, you would have stayed happily with what you have.

Learn her/his lacks (in fact none of us are perfect), accept them positively and work accordingly which will improve your family overall. Respect her/his effort he/she is doing to grow your family, as everybody has self respect and everyone deserve respect.

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