Sweet and Innocence

Sweet and Innocence

Every child like sweet and would never compromise on eating sweets.

Many old people also like sweet, often the women. Have you ever realized, why ? Because, their body grew old not the mind, not the inner energy. It is still beautiful as it used to be as a child and their tastes also remained the same.

 Irrespective of their age, their cuteness/smile attract others. Sweet and innocence is a symbol of honesty. People trust innocents.

  On the contrary, many people drink alcohol, which is bitter. It is a symbol of negative energy. People don’t trust people with drinking habits.

   Many at time their own body don’t like it and vomit it out, still they don’t understand and get habituated to it, damage their kidneys, liver etc.

  In my college days, my friends used to ask me why don’t I drink alcohol?  I used to reply, “I don’t like to accumulate negative energy ?

     Additionally I used to tell them, “suppose some day, if life ask me to pay back what it game me, I should have the energy to give it back. So I must accumulate positive energy. Should have fruits, vegetables, sweets etc. to empower my inner strength.

      Perhaps decades back I was trying to tell about a situation what people are facing today. 

To build a good immunity.

            At the time of Corona, people learnt the value of immunity.                     


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