What is Sex & How it Evolved ?

Well your are searching the most versatile answer of life on this planet. And I am sure, after you read this blog, you will get many of your answers which you were looking for what is sex & how it evolved ?

To begin with, let me take you to the early days when the universe exploded from an infinitesimally small hydrogen atom and expanded to an infinitely huge Universe, then billions of years later our Sun formed and later its planets. It even took millions of years for earth to become something where life could just begin.

At first small bacteria were born in the ocean which were single celled and unisexual (organism where a single parent split into two or more parts and those parts start growing as new individual). Over a period of time, life continued from there and many more complex unisexual organism were evolved.

Millions of years passed, things went on evolving, mother earth felt when the baby is born only through a single parent, they inherit all the characters of their parent means they are like clones or identical of their parent. When all individuals carries the same biology, in case if there were any climatic change, like the temperature rises, then the whole species might die.

This led to the need to have “Variations” among individuals, and I have reached to the most important part of this article “what is sex & how it evolved”, where “Sexual Reproduction” is going to begin for the first time in the history of earth. Yes, you read that right, “Sexual Reproduction” means where two parents (male and female) are involved to give birth to their baby. As there are two parents (male and female) the baby through them used to have traits from both the parents, means “Variation” unlike single celled clones. With “Variations”, Life became possible for uncountable number of years, means life can survive on this planet for long.

Almost every multicellular (more than one cell) organism, Reproduce Sexually. You will be surprised to know, even billions of plants species reproduce sexually. Strange, isn’t it ? It’s not in a way you think human beings or other animals do, their flowers reproduce sexually to become fruit. Their flowers has male and female parts.

Male and Female parts produce male and female gametes which need to fuse together with the help of insects or buds, air, water etc. and become fruit. Male parts produces huge amount of gametes to make sure, at least some by any means (air, water or insect) reach to female part of the flower and fertilize it. Females flowers were created with attractive colors, scents etc. to attracts insects or buds, so that the possibility of fertilization increases.

So, everything was already created by mother earth even before human beings were born. When the first human evolved from our ancestors, we were born inherited with this quality of “Sexual Reproduction. Females produce one egg each month while males produces huge amount of male gamete throughout their Reproductive phase to make sure females are fertilized for continuation of human species on earth.


Additionally, we got to know that there were two types of breeders – (I)Seasonal Breeder and (II) Continuous Breeder. Seasonal Breeder, breed only in some season of the year like Mango, Pineapples, other animals etc. while Continuous Breeder- breeds throughout the year like Human Beings.

Because human beings are Continuous Breeder, it is always available for breeding throughout their Reproductive Phase. This way the chances of continuation of human species confirmed and we survived millions of years on earth.

This is the only truth, mother earth inherited all the organism on this planet. But now I am going to take you to other side of life we all are taught by society in the name of Religion or Tradition.

In almost every Religion, Sex is considered as a taboo or called Sin. Muslim did not allow their females to enter into the mosque, Hindu denied menstruated woman to enter into the temples, Christianity considered we all are born through Sin, only Jesus Christ born pure as they believe he was born through unmarried mother Mary.

Every religion tried to suppress sex but failed, as they never learnt, “what is sex & how it evolved “. They were not taught that they are born through Sex, Sex is not born through them. Sex born in this planet way back even before human beings are born on earth. Women were born inherited with attractive qualities as we saw in the example of Flower with female part attracts insects to increase chances of their fertilization whereas male produces huge amount of male gamete to make sure they fertilize their females.

Finally when Religions could not suppress Sex, they tried to hide it by putting clothes on body, by hiding sexual parts and in many other way but failed and it led to three situations :-

(1) When both male and females get partners who share intimate energy with all their emotions and give birth to their child, we generally call them “Love” when both involve in intimacy.

(2) When male and female are attracted to each other for the attractive qualities as we saw in the example of flowers also, and end up having sex with each other but may not give birth to their child because of any reason- social or other reason, then we call it “Fun”, where both are involved but can not lead to have child together.

(3) In third situation, as males produce huge amount of male gametes (as we saw in the example of male flowers also) to fertilize females also the females are inherited with attractive qualities. Sometime, male end up having sex with a female without her will. This situation is termed as “Rape”, where only one person is involved.

So, by now I am sure, you all have a good knowledge about Sex (what is sex & how it evolved) , that its all the same with different names based on the involvement of male and female.

Then, why our girls give up their life in 3rd situation ? It’s not their fault, we must stand with them in the toughest times of their life and help them to heal, help them to live a normal life.

Also : –

-> We must educate both men and women about Sex than hiding it as Religions did.

-> Remember you are through Sex, Sex is not through you. You can’t stop it. You can Understand it

-> While saying this, I would like to tell my fellow males that now since you know everything about Sex, how it started, what it is, what all issues you face biologically and the Laws of Land created by us to protect one’s intimate rights.

-> You produce huge amount of male gametes that has to be released and once its released you are relaxed. But when you release it without the will of a woman, you got to be punish by Land of Law.

-> Do you still think, for a matter of few minutes (until you ejaculate), you can spend rest of your life into the prison or you are ready to be hanged to death by Law of Land ?

-> When your body will produce Sex throughout your Reproductive Phase and you would need a woman for whole life, why do you finish it in a matter of few minute, by touching someone without her Will ?

–> Both Male and Female are created by mother earth, respect it, respect the life you got, live it in a right way and then leave this body with all your experiences behind, to experience a new beginning in other dimension.

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