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মহালয়া – Mahalaya

মহালয়া – Mahalaya, Something I broad up listening to. Before Durga Pooja Start, All India Radio used to play it, my mom used to switch on our radio & we all used to listen to it. I liked the Frequency of narrator, the way he chants or tell the story is awesome.

धर्म क्या है ?

धर्म क्या है, what is religion

सबसे पहले मैं पूछना चाहूँगा :गीता क्या है ?कुरान क्या है ?बाइबिल क्या है ? क्या हिन्दू का धर्म गीता … More धर्म क्या है ?

How to Heal ?

How to heal ? Well healing is never easy, but if you know it, it can be seen in many things : in a smile of little kid and their energy, a nature walk can do wonder and then music, mostly healing music, with water falls, rain sounds, moonlit night, birds sounds etc can do wonder.

Watch the video now and feel the difference, you will see vast earth and in front of it we are such an small thing but filled with egos, we fight with others.

Watch it, I hope this video can help you go egoless.