ghar ki murgi dal barabar

Ghar ki Murgi Dal Barabar

We all heard this phrase, “Ghar ki Murgi Dal Barabar” and now you are wondering, we all heard this, then what I am going to write by relating it?

I will first start with its meaning, why ghar ki Murgi Dal Barabar ? Because the answer is, what we have with us, after some time we get bored of it, because nobody likes to have the same thing every day. And they tend to have something different.
No matter, how good the chicken you have in your house, you still feel to taste something outside no matter if it’s just a pulse also.

Similarly, when a boy and a girl is not married, they are just lover or trying to get each other, until they get them completely, could be emotionally, physically etc., they would try to get like crazy freak and often after marriage, once they get each other completely, when your partner is with you 24/7, your interest goes down on her/him.

Now your brain starts working toward self-esteem need, means you have this, now get something new. It’s very natural, that’s why even if, you are married to someone, still you get attracted to others and thinking of having sex (which is the most common thing for any man or woman), and I am not denying its not natural.

But there our culture, our commitment towards our partner, obligations etc. comes into play, but only a very few strong-willed man or woman can control themselves from stepping out of their marriage.

This can be possible only if you find your partner with similar thoughts and is completely committed to you, then they will never think to hurt or break the trust of their partner.

Still there are possibilities, due to some circumstances, the strong-willed married man or women may get attracted to someone else, but soon they control themselves, because their faith, trust, love for their partner is strong.

Sexual attractions are very common as I explained it all in my artcles “what is sex & how it evolved and Ardhangini”.
But some are wild and open minded, they have it like having food everyday with someone new or with anyone. One way they enjoy sex life to the fullest, but in other way, they themselves create lots and lots of problems for them.

But I am not going to say much about them here, indeed I am going to talk about the innocent ones, or I would say homely (gharelu) girls, who just need one man who would love them emotionally, physically, in all the way. Yet it is important to know that they do have lots of sexual desires. Ghar ki Murgi Dal Barabar

To understand this, I will give you an example from hindi movie,”RockStar” in which the heroin was decent, but she had some sexual desires too, like she wanted to see porn movies, wanted to do pole dance etc. and in very nice way, it was showed in the movie, the desires within us. What I am trying to say, sex is natural and is common need for everyone.

For some instance, suppose you started liking someone outside your marriage, don’t you think the same cycle will repeat with them also what you experienced previously, I mean “Ghar ki Murgi Daal Barabar”? It will. Isn’t it? And the process will go on, and if you go on switching your partner, you will create problem for yourself.

So, it’s very important that be loyal to your partner, because they are the one who would hold your hand in your bad days too, all other will be with you only in your good days.

In fact, when your days are good, you might think of stepping out of your marriage life and enjoy sex etc. with a thought of its just a matter of 1/2 an hour to few hours. You may think, who would know? So, enjoy it, but you know what, when your days are bad, when you really need someone to hold your hand and strength you, it will be none other than the true people of your life and most of the time it’s your partner.
The moment they hold your hand, it gives you the kind of strength, you can even fight with the world.

In particular for a man, the moment of ejaculation is the best moment, which relax them, which stabilize them. No matter, how you are doing it? Whether you are masturbating or having sex with any simple girl to a hot and sexy woman, the best moment is the moment of Ejaculation and nothing else.
Means, no matter with how many women you have sex, the best moment is the moment of ejaculation. If that is true, then why stepping out of marriage?

Remember as long as you were not aware of your biological cycle, it was not that important to think everything so deeply, but once you are aware of these things after reading it, your responsibilities improve towards your people. So, try to be a good father, mother, child, husband or wife etc., try to fulfill all your responsibilities with honesty as much as you can and see how everything change, someday when you will conclude your life, believe me, you will feel amazing.

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