ghost stories

Realties of ghost stories

All the way from forest of Andaman and Nicobar Islands to the metro cities of India. I can tell you about the realties of ghost stories.

Let me ask you first before I begin, we all have fear inside us, isn’t it ? And it is for so many things, for evil minded people, animals, snakes, darkness and of course Ghosts.

This fear grows, when we are alone, even in our own house, we are scared for all these things and consequently we see or feel something that we have ghost in your house. But we never think about it when there are other people in the house.Realties of ghost stories

This fear increases further, if our house is located in a remote place, with no other houses around.

However people live in cities hardly think about ghost, because there are other people or houses around, with good illumination. And I don’t think you ever heard any ghost story in cities.

Now, think about every ghost story you ever heard, whoever told to you- friend, parent, siblings, neighbor, anyone.

    They might told you, their ghost experiences when they were alone or was in some jungle or at any dark place, why? Because people are pre-occupied with horror stories which grows further as explained and feel something Ghostly when alone, that’s it.

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