History of The World

History of The World

History of the World in 2 hours is a documentary video by History Channel. It shows, how universe exploded from a small atom and became as big as the Universe, how the Sun and Planets formed and how life evolved from a small bacteria in the ocean to the complex organism like human beings.

It even validate Sanatan Dharma ( सनातन धर्म ) Beliefs that both Human and Evil ( मानव और दानव ) born through Samudra Manthan ( समुद्र मंथन ).

Yes, the information we read on their Books that human and evil born through Samudra Manthan is wrong, or may be the one who dictated those books while writing, did it wrong.

But I learn it in other way, that at least we have found that they had information of place of origin of life i.e. in the ocean as even our scientist confirm the same in the video.

And here I am giving you vision to see beyond and find the truth. Perhaps your perception about God may change after you read this blog and watch the video. If God created you as you studied in Religious books , then why not it created Human beings first instead of creating invisibly small bacteria ? Think about it ?

We know all the languages originated from Sanskrit ( संस्कृत ) language. We must understand that how advanced our ancient people were. But at the same time we must understand the truths that were miscommunicated from ages through the book of religion.


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