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Mahsa Amini – a name in Iran Revolution 2022

Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old old Iranian girl was killed by police of her own country, who were supposed to protect the innocent lives of the country.

Her only crime was, she wanted to live life in her way. It’s 21st century, isn’t it? This is the time, when the entire world is connected through TV, social media.

This is the time of globalization, when anyone can travel any corner of the world, can learn others way, also can teach their ways, unlike our ancestors who had to live their life with less information about the world.

In this era of social media, people can learn everything sitting in their house, they can compare the lacks in their own traditions, can open to learn good things from others. People are getting to know the rules which were imposed on them in the name of beliefs and religion.

Perhaps no one would ever complain about it, if it was not compelled, but unfortunately that is not true.

In order to understand this, I won’t mind taking you to the early days – a few thousand years ago.

Well, there is lot of discussion happened about the women’s dress code across the globe and that is not just confined only to Muslim. I mean, in almost every religion there are some rules and regulations on women dressing, but in some religions there are many restrictions. I already wrote an article on “Dress Code for women” sometime back.

In my article I tried to explain, many angles about dress codes, surely you can read that too. But today, I am going to discuss dress codes in Muslim Community, how it evolved etc.

In genral, women’s dress code is linked with wearing decent or provocative cloths and mostly people stand with the first one. Because if women wear a provocative dress, then that seduces men, and he can do wrong things to her. And in order to be more protective to their women, Muslim community thought Burkha will be the best thing to protect them so that no men can ever see them.

I am sure, this is one of the biggest truths with more than 80% people of that community, who feel Burkha is safe for women.

And if you are a Muslim and this is true with your family also, then I would like to question everybody from Muslim community,

mahsa amini iran protest

Why your men wear long, fully covered white cloths? (Like the one in the picture).

From which women you wanted to protect your men? I don’t think, the whole community could relate to this, before reading this article.

Who had imposed men to wear a white long cloth in Arabian countries? Which women, imposed? Tell me if you know anyone?

Arabian Countries, yes, I said that right. Could you imagine the situation in Arabian countries a few thousand years ago, when the petroleum engines were not invented? What were there? Perhaps nothing, than the sands and deserts.

Could you imagine the kind of poverty people of such places faced? Well, in my article “How marriages evolve” I wrote the concept of marriage, how it might evolved, you can definitely read everything by visiting the above link.

In my article, I said its clear how concept of marriage evolved, how the ancestors divided work between men and women in those days, that men will go out for hunting or arranging food for his family, women will stay at home taking care of family.

Now if you can relate that concept, then might understood that men had to go out to arrange food for family, in such situation, in a place like desert, where the sand gets heated how difficult could be if the hot sand touches the body because of winds and storms? So, they covered the whole body through cloths, so that they can protect the body from hot sand.

Mahsa Amini - a name in Iran Revolution 2022

Now, obviously the next question arises, why white cloth? They could choose any other color also? Well, the answer is simple, at least at this scientific world, we know that White color absorbs the lest heat than any other color, and as the men had to go out, the ancestors might decided white cloths for them, which will help them work harder in a hot sunny day too.

After understanding the logic behind the men’s clothing in Abrian countries, I am sure you can somewhat relate women’s clothing too that why they choose long clothing which is now known as Burkha. But somewhere you could be thinking, why the color was not white, why the ancestors choose black color for women?

If this is also your question now, and waiting for my answer, then let me tell you, our ancestors were super brained people, they choose the black color for differentiating between men and women. I mean if both men and women wear white color covering all their body and go out, it will be difficult to differentiate between men and women. But if both are given different-different colors, then anyone can make it very easily even from a faraway place, whether the person is a man or a woman.

Perhaps this was the only truth behind their dress code till that point, later people might started practicing religious things. Well whole world knows Islam is religion followed in Arabic countries and it did spread all over the world from there only. If you combine these two things i.e. Religion & Evolution of clothing’s in Arabic country, you get the right answer, which perhaps no body might told you till date.

I am sure by now, many of you have understood how clothing’s had evolved in Arabic countries based on their geographical need. With time globalization took place, people travelled across globe, some learnt from others, some taught others. People migrated from one place to another, started living in any place as per their capability.

Many might adopted the new requirements as per their current geographical and traditional beliefs. However, there might be many who thought to preserve their old things, tried to pass on to next generation in a good way or bad way or could be both.

Time flied, generations passed, today you will find a mix of people across the globe. Some Muslims still wear black and white cloths, some wear modern cloths too based on what their ancestors adopted.

There is no harm in following your beliefs, but I think at least people should know the truth and then decide and choose the kind of life they want to live.

Just imagine, how much your ancestors were intelligent, they found best possible ways to live in any situation even in a drastic place like deserts of Arabian countries.

And you been living a life of fool, I mean if you go to European countries, where the temperature is low, you can’t just stay in a Burkha, you got to wear warm cloths like Sweater or other winter cloths.

Similarly, if you stay in a place like Pakistan or India, where the temperature is extremely high (but no hot sands like Arabs), where wearing shorts are also difficult and you ask your women to wear a long and black burkha which will absorb the kind of heat which may really create health issues for them.

Don’t you think, if its ok to wear warn clothes in Cold places like Europe, why not lighter clothes for hotter regions?

If you think Burkha is for protecting women from evil minded men, then let me tell you, I wrote an article “अर्धांगिनी किसे कहते हैं” in which I wrote both men and women are incomplete without each other and the proofs can be found on my other article “What is sex, how it evolved & why sex education is important ?“, which share how earth evolved in billions of years ago, how life started from deep within the ocean to sexual reproduction.

When you will read both these articles you will understand, how sexual reproduction evolved, and the kind of bond man and woman has in between, which no burkha can ever stop. In fact, if the men get seduced then its their problem, not women’s problem, so men must think how to control their sexual desires than imposing cloths in the name of religion, is not fair. Let them choose what they want to wear.

In fact, it’s not even, their wrong clothing, it’s the wrong upbringing of men. Did you ever heard a story of rape in any tribal population? No. Why? Their men and women both live naked, then why their men don’t get seduced after watching their women naked? As per your logic, because of women’s wrong clothing men get seduced and does wrong thing, then why not the tribal men?

We even heard stories of 6 months old child is raped, 80-year-old women is raped, what cloths they might wore that the men got seduced? Perhaps you don’t have an answer now, if that is true then its not the clothing, rather its the teachings to boy child in our family.

Imagine a man is allowed to marry 4 women in Islam, a men can divorce his wife by just saying Talak-Talak-Talak, these things are acceptable, but women wearing a cloth as per their wish is not acceptable. If you go back to history, you will see, who used to live such life? The kings, who used to have queens, then sex slaves etc., but we are not living in King’s era anymore, right?

We have something called democracy which gives every citizen right to live their life as per their capability, then why do you want to make any ordinary man live a king size life and make a women slave of them?

Sometime back, Hindus had something called Sathi-Pratha in India, where a woman used to be burnt alive when her husband dies, for quite long time, society had accepted it and practiced as a belief, but then Raja Ram Mohan Rai fought against this wrong system and removed it completely from our society.

Today when our people look back, they see what evil things they practiced in the name of religion and how better life they are living today, because some people fought against the wrong systems.

Similarly, the fight started in Iran today, for their right to live their life, which engulfed many innocent lives because of lack of understanding between Religion, Dress code, Sex etc.

I am sure, these women will win for sure, as Nelson Modella became first black president of South Africa, after fighting the battle against white people.

Perhaps when the system will be changed tomorrow, the govt in next generation will be worshipping these fighters of Iran, as we do respect our freedom fighters Like Bhagat Singh, Ch. Shekhar Azad, Netaji Subhash Ch. Bose and the police and govt today will be learnt in history books as evil dictators.

Sometimes I wonder, how can human beings be such stupid? They cut a tree, make paper out of it and on that paper write save tree. Amazing, isn’t it?

 Human beings call themselves the most advance breed in this planet earth, it has studied about space, other planets, depth of oceans to millions of another organism too. Sometimes I laugh at human stupidity that how come no other organism need God to live in this planet, but the most advanced breed can't live its life without associating with at least one religion?

Perhaps many people don’t know, Russia is one of those country, where there is no specific religion exits, because their people fought against it. How can such a big countrymen live without a religion? But the small-small countries can’t survive without a religion? The world must stand with Iran’s women and help them get the rights they deserve.

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