India Need a strong Prime Minister

Over last few years Narendra Modi govt carried out developmental activities at Revolutionary phase, our image has improved globally because of his intellect.

Because of this many people can not think any other Prime Minister better than him, its even true also that there is no replacement for him among all other politicians of his age, neither they are as honest as his govt is.

But over last few years nation also witnessed volumes of antinational activities increasing within the country, which his govt failed to neutralize as they did it all in the name of democracy.

Democracy and its rules were made in a way so that no one should do wrong, but when you know other person is doing wrong, why not they are punished ?

India need a strong Prime Minister

India Need a strong Prime Minister. Off course he will be someone from outside, whom media don’t know yet as having strong leadership qualities, a visualizer, who can punish all these antinational people, like the one did in Singapore.

India is always a surprise to the world, it gave a lot to the world, who knows, what magic is going to happen and a new face will come towards the world in 2024.


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