Save Afghanistan

Only five countries : US, UK, France, Russia, China, can not decide world’s fate. The Organizations they created, like WHO, UNSC proved useless. They are used by these countries for their benefit and masses of population starved hungry.

Neither WHO or any other country could punish China for over 4 million lives we lost through Corona virus created by China nor its other organization UNSC could stop Taliban from acquiring Afghanistan govt illegally. It left the innocent people of Afghanistan helpless to be beaten brutally, to be raped and killed by Talibanis.

UNSC is following rules written on books to act against Taliban, who never read their books. Who believe in their own book which teach them hate, murder, rape and all short of criminal activities.

Surprisingly the whole world has the footage of such brutal incident, still they could not do anything. If this is the way they work and can’t protect the rights of common man, then why do we need them ? We have to take back our powers from them and fight for our own rights. Fight for Afghanistan, Save Afghanistan women, Save Afghanistan children, Save Afghanistan, Save Humanity.


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