Ramanujan – A biographical film on life of Indian mathematician

Srinivasa Ramanujan

Ramanujan an eye opener film for Teachers, Parents, Govt. & System. The Movie is about great Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. This movie shows the failure of our teachers who don’t recognize talent, failure of parent, system etc. It showed even the Superstation side of our people and how they are victim of it.
Even a great mathematician became victim of it. The movie tells, how he found theorems way ahead of scientist could ever prove them like his mock theta. This is the time of science, people don’t believe if your opinion is not scientific and so I guess my contents are on right tract, I mean with time people would understand them. Pic Credit : Wikipedia.

How to Control Blood Pressure

Almost in every house, someone has blood pressure or BP, mostly elders.


There is an easy remedy for blood pressure , use Pink Rock Salt in your diet instead of using ordinary white salt to control blood pressure.

Since the manufacturing companies don’t advertise on TV, neither people know about it nor its available in all the shops. So let us spread the word, gift our loved ones a blood pressure free life.

How to Cure Snoring Problems ?

In cities because of pollution, men snore loud & their woman find it difficult to sleep.


Haridra Khandam, an ayurvedic medicine can cure many respiratory problems including snoring etc. Buy it from any ayurvedic pharmacy shop to cure your snoring problems. Take 2 spoons twice a day for around 3 months, you can see the results that your snoring problems decreases permanently.

মহালয়া – Mahalaya

মহালয়া – Mahalaya, Something I broad up listening to. Before Durga Pooja Start, All India Radio used to play it, my mom used to switch on our radio & we all used to listen to it. I liked the Frequency of narrator, the way he chants or tell the story is awesome.

Save Afghanistan Women

Watch this video from Khuda ke liye . It showed, how Muslim men live life without any rule, marrying many women but don’t allow any freedom to their women in the name of Allah. For example, Pakistan PM Imran Khan married many women but support Taliban Mentality, as of he is such a pure person. Their men have problems, not women, control your own lust and free your women. Please share to Save Afghanistan Women.

History of India

Its very important for us to have basic knowledge of Ancient India. The country which gifted the world, “Wisdom”. Here I have a video, created by AS Pandit for UPSC/SSC classes about History of India. But I believe everyone should know our own history. How we moved from Un-organized to Organized and then back to Un-Organized ?

Muslims are Safe in India

Who says India is not safe for Muslims? Muslims in India live a much better life than countries like Pakistan, China, Myanmar etc. But international Community O.I.C. plays the religious game against India and never speak against other counties. Khan Sir Explain it very well in this video, watch it and be proud to live in India.

Distance of Sun in Hanuman Chalisa

Billions of people know Hanuman Chalisa, but very few know the science in it. In fact in one of my article Sanatan Dharm the Early Science, I did write about the scientific side of Sanatan dharm.

distance between sun and earth in hanuman chalisa

This video adds to the scientific side of Sanatan dharm, watch this video which explains distance between Sun and Earth was already calculated in our ancient science and we can find the proof in this holly mantra.

Barak Obama, Will Smith, Ivanka Trump and millions others loved the science in Sanatan Dharm .

मैं चली मैं चली

मैं चली मैं चली song, brilliantly choreographed by Flexible Dance School Located in Nepal. Bashing performance by the little girls, amazing energy.

If you have kids in your house you can ask them to watch and practice in Lock Down and use their energy Creatively.