what is homosexuality

What is homosex

What is homosex ?

          For a long time, there have been speculations about homosexuality whether its natural or unnatural? Over last couple of decades, people came to know about Gay (men) and Lesbian (women) who are homosexual (get attracted to same sex partner).

In my previous article “अर्धांगिनी “, I did write about the fact that at puberty children get attracted to their opposite sex because of the Harmons secretion inside them as per the programming in their DNA. This happens naturally and nobody can stop it because this is how we are all programmed (DNA coded).

This process of getting attracted to opposite sex, mating and reproducing in human species is seen in almost in every corner of the world. But there is a small part who are born with a different quality wherein they get attracted to same sex during their puberty.

Though there are not much information available of its existence in history, only a small part in Mahabharat showed Shikhandi (the person who killed Bhism), looked like a Gay. In another example we have seen in Padmavat movie Alauddin Khilji’s close personal was a Gay. Their body looks like man, but they feel a like woman.

Till date there are not much information about their beginning or existence, consequently society neither could understand their biology nor could accept them as the way they are. When they could not understand them, they started forcing them to be usual than what they actually are. If someone born in the family with a Gay or Lesbian characteristic, they feel ashamed that how they will tell others that their child is a gay or a lesbian?

As a child can you imagine their situations, they are go through? They are growing like any other ordinary child, like were spent 9 months in mother’s womb, one year to start walking, growth of teeth , 2 years to talk everything seems like fine but during their puberty 10 years onwards for girls and 12 year onwards for boys, unlike other boy or girl who start liking their opposite sex, they start liking the same sex.

They can’t understand it, what is this change happening inside them, which they don’t find common in their surrounding. But at the same time they can’t deny what is happening inside them, how they feel. Neither they can tell the situation to anyone nor they can stop the process happening inside them. because this is how, they are programmed (in their DNA) even before they born.

What is homosex

In order to understand this, we have to go to the inception of world. How life started in the deep ocean as unicellular organism then it evolved to multicellular organism inside water. Unicellular organism used to reproduce asexually wherein a single parent cell split into two daughter cells and start growing as individual. Since the daughter cells were born from single parent, they were like clones of their parent and inherited all the qualities of their same parent.

In that case if there were any change in the environment like rise in temperature then the whole species may die as all of them were like same organism with same qualities. Because of that life evolved to sexual reproduction wherein two parents (male and female) mate and reproduce their child. Since the child is born through two different parent, they are never inherited the same qualities as their parents means they are born with variation. Till date not even a single finger print matched with any other person and that’s only because of the variation created by mother earth, in us.

Because of the differences, all the sexually reproducing organism lived on this planet for millions of years. Recently we witnessed death of more than 4 millions people because of corona, mostly they were those who had some disease, lacked immunity. And those who have strong immunity survived. Means we survived this pandemic because of our differences/variations which mother earth inherited in all of us.

Again lets go back to initial days, where life began deep inside water. This was the time, life evolved from unicellular organism to multicellular organism who were doing sexual reproduction to give birth to their child inside water. Later some reptile (crocodile type of species) might tried to went outside water. Perhaps this was the first time, when life came out of water, to the land. Later some might went far away from water and could not go back to water for reproduction and this could be the first time they reproduced sexually on land which confirmed the continuity of life here. From there life had gone through lot of evolutionary phases to get the life we see today.
It’s amazing to know that both the type of reproduction (sexual as well as asexual) happen in plants. A new plant can develop from any vegetative part of plant like, stem, root, leaves etc. known as asexual reproduction. But their flowers grow to fruit through sexual reproduction, how ? Well, There are both male and female flowers, which produce male and female gametes. Which ultimately fuse (join) together and a flower grow to fruit.
When we further went deep inside the process of sexual reproduction in plants, we found that male flower produce pollen grain (as we have sperm in males) which needs to be fused (joined) with the female gamete (ovum in females) produced in the ovary in the female flower.
In general, after fertilization ovary develop into fruit and ovules develop into seeds. Other flower parts like sepals, petals etc. fall off. Such fruits are known as “True Fruits” as they are born exactly in the way most of the other fruits do .
However, there are some species of plants in which their fruits are not grown from Ovary, rather they are grown from another part in the female flower called “Thalamus”. Since the fruits are not born in an usual way ( through ovary), they are called “False Fruit”. Apple, Strawberry, Cashew are the examples of false fruits.

What we have observed till now that whether its Ovary or the Thalamus of the female flower, they go through fertilization (fusion of male and female gamete) for reproduction. However there is a third type of plant species wherein their fruits develop without fertilization. These type of fruits are known as “Parthenocarpy Fruits”. Banana is an example of Parthenocarpy Fruit.

Since we have understood the process and type of reproduction in plants, now we can understand the process and phases of sex and sexual reproduction in animals. We already discussed about sexual reproduction, now lets try to understand sex and its phases :

Sexual reproduction complete through the process of having sex with opposite sex (male and female). Males produce male gamete and females produce female gamete which needs to be be fused together through their genital organs. But it is not that straight as I wrote and you read, there are lot of chemistry develop between the couple.

The couple love to mate, they kiss each other, hugs each other, does lot more which can’t be expressed/explained in words, its a feeling both feels together and finally the male gamete is released from male genital part to female genital part and she conceive. Whole process of kissing, hugging and other things couple does known as “Foreplay”, before their gametes are fused. This is the most important part/phase to understand the difference in biology of heterosexual and a homosexual person.

Two phases : 1) Foreplay and 2) Fusion of gamete, helps to understand the difference between the two. Unlike Heterosexual people who can practice both the phases Foreplay and Fusion of gamete, while mating, homosexual people can’t practice it in usual ways, they feels complete only with the foreplay phase (kissing, hugging, and other chemistry between the couple).

In order to give rise to their offspring, they got to follow the usual way of reproduction. For example a Gay person got to mate with a woman at least once for gamete fusion phase whether they like it or not, or medical technology can also be used to inject their sperm to a volunteer female who would be read to give the baby to the biological father, as emotionally they wanted the child, not the women, she did it for the Gay man.
In case of Lesbians, they got to find a Sperm donor male, who either have sex with the female at least once or through medical technology doctors inject the sperm of male into the female genital in order to fuse their gametes. The baby is considered to be of the biological mother, as emotionally she wanted a baby, the male only did it voluntarily for the women.

We all eat Apple, Strawberry, Cashew, right? But have you ever tried to know that there were something different inside them ?
Have you ever tried to know, these fruits are not grown as usual ?
Have you ever tried to reject them in the society ? No, never. We accepted them. In fact most of people never knew their biology before you read this article.

When we eat all the fruits, including Apple, Strawberry, Cashew which are not true fruits. When we enjoy eating banana which did not even go through usual fertilization process, why we can’t accept homosexuality ? Why we can’t accept a gay or lesbian child ?

Imagine the situation they go through in life, as a child when they reach puberty, they like same sex but can not tell it to anyone as homosexuality is not accepted in the society. Its not that, they are doing it willingly, rather its happening with them as DNA is coded for same. They must be accepted as the way they are.

They should never be ashamed of saying I am a gay or a lesbian. When people don’t hide reality and allowed to live in their natural state then the same characteristic people will come together and share their energies in a right way. They will be happy as they are doing as the way god made them. When people are happy, they can work for better productivity for their family, for society, for nation and for humanity.

But when they are not allowed to live as the way they are, they hide their real identity, they lie to someone else, get married as per social norms but that’s not the way they are biologically created. When they are not doing as they are suppose to do, neither they can ever satisfy their partners nor they can live happily. Rather they will try to fulfil his sexual desires by other same sex people outside his house, outside his family. This is definitely not a right thing for anyone.

But they are also helpless as biologically they are not made as the society want them to. So, it’s very important that we understand their prospect. They have the right to live a fulfilled life. Proper education needs to be given to society about sex both homosexuality and heterosexuality. Unless the society understand it all, unless the govt run awareness among youth, things can’t improve. They are also a creation of mother earth and have the right to live a happy and dignified life. Only thing that we need is to spread the right education and then see, how everyone become happy and yield maximum productivity for the nation.

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