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What is Love

When I was going to Goa on November 2011, on the journey, suddenly I started asking these questions:

What is Love ?

Do we truly Love anyone?

How many of us, could truly love anyone?

Whom can we love the most etc.?

And the answers were:

When we enter in our teenage, due to our hormone’s secretions, naturally we are attracted towards our opposite sex (not including the exceptions) and we tend to fall in love.

Then when we get someone, or say someone has accepted us as their love, we feel like over the moon. We keep on speaking with our partner as much as we can. We think of them, as much as possible, every song seems like narrating our story. We start speaking with the stars, moon etc. Our life become very happy.

This type of feeling we get first time mostly in our teenage. I am very sure, all of us like/love (feel) someone, in that period of life, doesn’t matter whether our partner love us or not.

That time (first time) we were child and u know what, child does everything from their heart, so that love (feelings) was also from their heart. Often, we say, we can’t forget our first love, because we were innocent, and our feelings were pure. That was the moment when we could not think of our self, rather we thought of our partners, their happiness, their wellness.

When our feelings are for others, then it’s pure.

I would tell you a phrase that I read a year back-

  “U can give without Love,

   But you can never love without giving. “ 

    Have you all seen your mom? What she does? She shares her tenderness to you, your brother, your sister, your dad and everyone else. That's Love.

 Now, I will move to the next phase of Life, when you didn't get married with the one, in your first relationship? Or you broke up with your partner, due to any reason.

   As the days become month and months become years, you turn into an adult, naturally, you need a partner to standby you, to support you emotionally, to satisfy your sexual needs, to help you financially etc., so in this phase often people tend to look for these qualities in their partner.

    This time, when you find someone meeting above qualities, you accept them for your life, you just give a name “Love” for that person.

   You tell to others, you love your partner (husband or wife), but do you think that you truly felt the devotion for your partner? If yes, then why you kept those conditions, in your mind?

   You tell, “I love her/him”, but the fact is, you need someone, who can standby you in your failure, he/she should emotionally support you, when you are emotionally broken (by fighting for your Carrier, with society with parents – could be anything).

  You tell, I love my girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife, but the fact is, you need someone to have sex and the socialized term you gave is “love” for him or her or simply you say we are husband and wife.

There is nothing wrong, if someone is having sex, that’s our body’s requirement but as I am talking about “Do u truly devoted to someone? Then you would find, your question remain question mark.

  Whenever you keep any condition for love, that means you are not following your heart. You are following your mind. And often, the things can never be purely from your heart, as we felt it in your first relationship (in our teenage).

   Now, I would like to ask a very important question with you all –

We often say, I love my partner more than my life. Bla, bla, bla.

But the truth is, no one can love anyone more than loving themselves.

Often, we all love ourselves the most. How? Reasons, given above already.

Yes, when we adore someone from our heart, no involvement of mind, means no condition at all. No expectations means, since I feel for my partner but it is not necessary that even he/she should feel the same for me (or any other condition), then your feelings are true. For example, all of us, heard about Mira and Krishna’s Love Story.

   Why, I explained it to you? I know most of the people are just crowd, they are just following, what they have been seeing around them without knowing truly, what is love.

  Suppose, a married woman. deliver a baby, because that’s her body’s requirement or society’s requirement. She broad up her child and when the child is matured, that time all her motherhood finishes and she expect her child to get a good job, good life so that even she can live her old age easily.

  In fact these days, most of the women, don’t even do breast feeding to their child because she is more concerned about looking young, maintaining good figure etc. If she was not prepared then why she delivered her baby? Is it, because she wants to avoid her stomach pain she gets during her menstruation period?  And by conceiving a child, she try to avoid her pain for sometime?  Or, could be, if she don’t deliver a baby, then the society will call her infertile, if that is true then you are doing it for society not really felt for the baby.  

What is Love

Another reason could be, u deliver a baby because you are frustrated with your husband’s activities, and you feel happy, by seeing your kid smiling and growing. In fact this is the biggest and worst truth in our country in case of arrange marriage, where mostly husband and wife are not compatible to each other but they drag their marriage, because of parents, kids, society, traditions etc. God, its really horrible.

    If you have these many conditions in your mind, then how will you adore your child?

Well, why I gave mom’s example? Because we believe, only a mother adore her child purely, but the truth is how many of them, are truly?

   It’s never easy to be a true mom. Just delivering a child and broad them up is not motherhood. It’s much more than that ( if I  talk, in terms of spirituality then lot of mediation, worships you will have to do, if you want to become a true mom, there I am not even going, now).

  Since I considered a woman’s example that does not mean that Men are fond of others truly. Women are far more ahead of Men. When it comes to tenderness.

Yes, the reason I considered mom’s example because I wanted to talk about “”Love ” which is pure and from heart, without any conditions etc.

  Well, most of the people are just being the crowd and follow what they have been told since their childhood, so this article, what is love, Question remains question mark, is not for them, they can follow whatever they have been following.

  This article, what is love, Question remains question mark is for those few crazy people, who have been doing lot of experiments with their life and were seeking such experiences; they might get many of their answers, which were question marks for them, till date.

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