why poor are dying

Why poor are dying

Why poor are dying?  It’s one of most sensitive, informative and logical articles on “Money System” and the problems created by it.

Well, poverty is one of the worst sins of mankind, created by themselves. It is strange to know that, more than 90% of the money is in the hands of just 10% people & rest of the 10% money is in the hands of rest of the 90% people in the world.

 Now, it is obvious that, there are lack of resources available to 90% of people to live even an average life (data proves, how poor are dying). Several millions of people, struggle to get food once in a day, consequently we see people fight among each other for their basic needs.  Many at times it led to robbery, murder etc.

In every five years, we choose a minister, hoping that they will do something for them, which they promise to do before elections, but once they are into the system, you find them un-reachable surrounded by their guards, following their protocols i.e., sitting, eating, meeting with people of high profile but no longer, they share food on the same bench where they did before elections.

Why poor are dying

With time poor get disappointed which they never care. Let me tell you one thing? Whom do you expect to do any good to you? A Minister or any sage? I mean they are minsters; they are not sages who would help other, who would uplift other. They also, has an empty stomach much bigger than yours because their greed’s are huge and you think, they came to protect you, they came to enhance your life? 

 How foolish it sounds, isn’t it, that we trust these people, more than ourselves that they will uplift your life.  Believe me its only you who can uplift your life, nobody else, unless he/she is a sage or sage kind of person, which very rarely happens.

In the early days of human civilization, people used to hunt their foods. With time, we grew something called “Barter System” where one used to exchange things with others. There also people lived a much better life, as people couldn’t be much greedy, as they had less scope to accumulate too much for themselves.

Someone might introduce a concept “Money System” in a small place, when no one had any idea what it was about, how one can live with it? And over a few centuries, you see, today, no one can imagine their life without money. I mean someone planted a seed (a thought of money system) someday, which over a period of time, grew into a huge tree. So, the seed I mean the beginning is very important.

  Now, again let us come back to system, money, ministers. Till date you heard, ministers will remove your poverty, but that never happened. How about, someone tries the Reverse of it i.e., “Remove Money System” and that will automatically reduce the death rate of poor these days.

   Or “amend earning laws” I mean put a cap on earning for a person. May be some billions maximum and if a person, earn more than that amount, then govt will take all the excess money from them and distribute that amount to needy people. 

  In that way, the greed of becoming rich will stop, as the business minded people would know, that there is no point, earning more, as it will not help them, rather it will help others and if at all they agreed, to that condition, then do earn more and help your community to grow. 

This way, we will have more people becoming rich, than just 10%, as the margin is less which will be counted as rich. More people will have better life than what we see today, it will eventually reduce how poor are dying till date.

Choosing a govt hoping they will uplift your life, or your religion or country is a foolish act. Common don’t do that, govt. can’t change your life. e.g., a coconut seller can’t become an IAS officer just by selecting a minister of his/her choice. Rather he will be a coconut seller, unless he decides to prepare for studying for IAS exams. 

That never means, govt don’t do anything for you, yes, they do. Well, let me tell you govt is not a person, it’s a system, they form laws, build roads, schools, which can help people to come to your place and buy your coconuts which can help you some way, to uplift your life. That’s it, nothing more than that. If you think, someone is a sage and will do miracle in your life, then you are wrong.

Developing countries like India, thinks that all their earlier govt were corrupted or lacked will power to develop the years into the system now, the govt which came to power with slogan, “अच्छे दिन आने वाले हैं” in 2014. And you all witnessed the truth in these many years. 

Back in April 2017, I wrote, this govt has highly intellectual people in his team, Narendra Modi, Arun Jately etc but all their efforts will be waste once they try all their strategies over a period of time. I said, now you are developing, if you can succeed you can become a Developed nation like America, UK, France, Germany etc.

But tell me one thing, don’t they have poverty in their countries, aren’t people starving there? Then, how Donald Trump, came into power in America? He said, he will work to uplift the life of his fellow Americans. So, the countries, you count Developed, they themselves are crying with their own challenges and you want to become Developed Nation with a hope, all your problems will be solved.

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